Rally Makers Application: Fall 2016

Rally Makers is an initiative focused on incubating new social enterprises that originate from or serve Central Florida. A social enterprise is any organization formed in order to solve a social and/or environmental problem that incorporates an earned income stream in its business model. Support will come in the form of funds and mentorship. Support will be provided in one of three ways: mentorship only, mentorship and 5k or mentorship and 20k. Funds given out over the course of the year. Mentorship will be overseen by CREDO and carried out by the Rally Makers in 10 key capacity building areas. Ideal candidates are ones.
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Section 1: Organization.

Name of Applying Organization:

Type of Entity:

Year Organization was Founded:

For Profit*:

*If organization is ‘For Profit’, please outline ownership structure in section 4.4 on next page.
Section 501(c)(3):



Zip Code:

Name of Individual Contact:

Phone Number:


Section 2: Summary

What social and/or environmental problem is your enterprise addressing? Please describe the problem as specifically as possible, using quantitative and qualitative descriptive information when possible.

What is your unique solution? Please describe how your organization addresses this problem and how your solution is di erent than other approaches.

Section 3: Impact

What is the impact of your organization’s work to date? Please use quantitative and qualitative data to support your impact analysis when possible.

What is the organization’s growth strategy? Please describe your vision for where you would like to take the organization and how you plan to get there, including what you will need (in terms of resources, capacity, etc.) to take it from here to there.

Section 4: Attachments

Please include the following attachments with your application: 

1. Financial statements of applicant (income statement; balance sheet). Please name this file: “Company_Name_Financial"
2. Personal bio and resume of responsible person(s) (if ‘For Profit’, all owners named). “Company_Name_Info"
3. Ownership structure applicable for ‘For Profit’ organizations only (attach as separate document following example below). “Company_Name_Ownership"

Upload you files here: https://www.dropbox.com/request/D9w3Lo0Xugo2X7n0FrjK
Section 5: Signature

Applicant certifies that the information provided in the application (including any attached or accompanying documents) is complete and accurate.
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